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The Christwood Foundation is dedicated to providing philanthropic support to help seniors live with dignity, independence, and the assurance of needed physical, spiritual, and medical care.


A Journey of Faith and Stewardship

In the 1980's, a group of dedicated and visionary community leaders at Christ Episcopal Church in Covington, LA began to imagine a brighter future for seniors in our community to live with dignity, independence and the assurance of high quality care. A generous commitment from the members of Christ Episcopal Church Covington of $1 million in charitable gifts, along with countless volunteer hours, launched the creation of a place where seniors could make their brighter future a reality - Christwood.

For over 25 years, this generosity of spirit has continued, making Christwood the unparalleled destination for seniors in the Gulf South Region who seek to age in a vibrant and caring community. Since 1996, Christwood has become the Northshore's preeminent not-for-profit, senior life care community. Christwood has proudly served thousands of seniors - and their families - who have called Christwood home, either for a brief and successful rehabilitation visit or for the duration of their lives.

Today, Christwood provides an array of options to meet the evolving needs of aging population. We offer seniors the freedom to imagine their possibilities - a variety of residential options, in-home care, health center, a day-stay program, and a medically-integrated, 24,000 square foot Community Center with over 700 members from across the Northshore.


The assurance of dignified care

Today, our seniors embrace life, vitality, and individuality like never before. Our residents choose Christwood not only seeking a place to live, but a home within a caring community. As the only full continuum of care aging services provider in our region, Christwood stands apart for its commitment to physical, spiritual, and medical care at every stage of senior life.

As our reputation for high quality care has grown, the broader Northshore community has sought out Christwood's support in rehabilitation and skilled care, enabling patients to regain their fullest potential after an injury or physical challenge.

We are proud to have evolved into a leading voice, educator, and provider of healthy aging services. We recognize with humble gratitude the past gifts that have been received from resident donors, their families, community leaders, and staff. Our volunteers have also contributed thousands of hours to our vital mission. Together, all of these friends have made Christwood what it is today.


The heart and soul

Our hard-working staff are the heart and soul of Christwood. Our residents rely on every staff member to provide what they deserve - the very best care, lifestyle options and services possible. The challenge facing Christwood to attract and retain caring, reliable and committed staff, in today's labor market environment, remains one of the top priorities facing Christwood.

The Foundation always stands ready to assist Christwood in continually building a strong culture, showing appreciation every step of the way, and providing support above and beyond a paycheck to meet the needs of every staff member. So they can remain focused on providing the best care possible to every senior at Christwood and every senior who utilizes our programs and facilities in the community.


Relentless Optimism

The Foundation understands and embraces the challenges ahead. What will it take to assure that Christwood remains a vibrant, thoughtful, viable, caring ministry in a changing world? It will take leadership, tenacity, and resources. It will take vision, partnerships and relationships with those who embrace our values and our determination. Together, we can resolve to provide the brightest future for today's and tomorrow's seniors.

Building on the volunteer engagement and generosity that founded Christwood, the Foundation is committed to the following goals:

Invest in the future of our residents and our senior community so that we can serve not only their needs, but those of generations to come;

Shape the future of senior living so that our community's seniors age and thrive healthfully, with dignity and enjoyment;

Champion the appreciation and educational advancement of our staff members who mean so much to our residents and who care for them so kindly and professionally

Serve as an engine for Christwood as it reaches out to our surrounding communities in new ways to serve seniors, in keeping with our faith-based, non-profit origin.


The Margin of Excellence

A vibrant and growing community must respect and care for its seniors in a strong, compassionate, and forward thinking way. The Foundation was created to do just this'

The Foundation seeks to help create, innovate and sustain Christwood's margin of excellence. In other words, to always go above and beyond in its ability to enhance and lead our region in the delivery of care, senior services and education. This margin of excellence cannot be achieved through operating revenue alone. It depends on giving hearts in our community.

Donors can be secure in knowing that their contributions are separate from Christwood's operating funds and are dedicated solely to elevate and extend the margin of excellence. Our Vision is bold, our goals are challenging, and our purpose is rewarding. This vision of extraordinary senior living and care can become a reality through the generosity of committed partners and enthusiastic investment in annual, capital and endowment support.

Ways to Give

Facility & Capital; Mission-Driven Programming; & Endowment

The Foundation has 3 distinct ways for our generous community to secure the current, and future, needs of Christwood with investments in:

Facility & Capital

Christwood's residential and community facilities are the backbone of our organization and the destination for thousands of seniors in the region to take advantage of residential services, healthcare, recreation, continuing education, and entertainment, to name a few. The facility & capital funds raised will first build a new, state-of-the-art Senior Sports Complex and long-term, provide necessary funding to implement capital plans needed to support the growth of Christwood over the next 25 years.

Mission-Driven Programming

Donations of all sizes and types help sustain signature programs, launch new ones, educate employees and expand our capacity to serve our community now and in the years ahead. Your annual contribution ( grants; individual giving; corporate giving) helps assure that Christwood will exceed expectations and provide services, programs and innovative enhancements that continue to improve lives each and every day. Our ability to innovate, maintain the margin of excellence and facilitate change is part of our mission and it depends on your thoughtful support.


Building a robust Endowment designed to secure the future of Christwood will be the long-term differentiator in maintaining a legacy of caring started by Christ Episcopal Church leadership nearly 40 years ago. A strong, healthy endowment will provide earnings in perpetuity every year and can be tailored or restricted to our donor's wishes. For example, each $100,000 of balance in the Endowment would generate $4,000 to $5,000 a year in annual support.

Restricted endowment can be established when a donor has a particular interest or desire that doesn't fall neatly into existing mission-driven programs. There are limits and guidelines for establishing such funds and the idea or dream of the donor must be congruent with the mission and vision of Christwood.


Great Strides Forward

From time to time, great strides forward require great philanthropic commitment. At such times, staff and volunteer leaders team up to create the vision and enlist funding partners to help it become reality. With your vision and support, Christwood will sustain its premier continuum living experience for seniors on the Northshore and in the Gulf South Region.

Christwood has reached this impactful point in its history thanks to creative, visionary thinkers and the generosity of so many. You have an opportunity to help continue the work built upon today for the next generation of seniors. As builders, dreamers, doers, innovators, leaders and more, you have the power to build a brighter future for so many.

Please consider a gift to the Foundation today and thank you in advance for helping seniors live with dignity, independence, and the assurance of needed physical, spiritual, and medical care.