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Where to Give

Fund: Purpose:
Founder's Fund Unrestricted; discretionary use by Executive Director and/or Board of Trustees for any philanthropic use to support CW
Employee Emergency Assistance Fund To provide financial assistance for an employee's catastrophic or hardship event. Available after 6 months employment
Employee Education Fund To provide financial assistance to employees seeking to advance their individual education or training; may also be used to provide on-site training or education enhancements to the staff of Christwood to improve skill levels and learn new approaches. Available after 1 year of employment.

Fund: Purpose:
Expansion Fund Reserved for future capitalized expansion projects for Christwood
Graham Fund Restricted; For the promotion and expansion of intergenerational programming Established by the Graham family to remember and honor Ford and Maxine Graham. The Fund will be used to benefit Christwood as the Graham family expresses their wishes
Cognitive Care Fund For the support of programs and training that enhance the care of residents with cognitive disorders
John A. Lohman Fund Restricted; a benevolent fund for residents who have outlived their financial resources

Fund: Purpose:
Wirth/Simpson Fund Restricted; an endowed fund to provide supplemental funding for the training and education of staff
Mitchell Fund Restricted; an endowed fund to support the provision of Social services for residents on the CW campus
Community Enrichment Fund Supports those critical elements that go beyond quality care to truly spark joy and bring a deeper meaning to our residents'' experience. The community enrichment fund supports ongoing improvements that respond to changing resident needs through smaller innovative capital projects, equipment or educational programs
Healing Arts Our mission is to create a state-of-the-art model for the integration of all the arts in programming for our residents with neurocognitive disorders, to establish Christwood as a leader in this ground-breaking field, and to create the ultimate healing environment through a multi-sensory approach using all the arts -- visual, music, literature, and the creative experience for all our residents.